Cosmetic facial revitalisation acupuncture is used to promote and maintain a reduction of signs of ageing by increasing the blood and energy flow to specific facial areas. 

With its history stretching back as far as the Sun dynasty in China, some 800 years, this is by no means a new short lived craze. Cosmetic acupuncture has seen an increase in popularity over the recent years with many Hollywood stars believed to have used it. With coverage on programmes such as “10 Years Younger” and "Lust for Life", people are realising there are easier ways to look and feel good without having to go through the pain and expense of major surgery.

As well as providing improvements to general health and well-being, it can result in:

* Diminished wrinkles and lines;
* Lifted sagging skin from eyelids, around the cheeks and jaw
* Increased collagen production which reduce wrinkles and lines and plump up the skin;
* Improved elasticity of facial muscles;
* Fresher complexion and improved facial colour;
* Reduction of scar tissue, age spots and damaged capillary;
* Alleviation of facial neuralgia, bell’s palsy, facial tics and facial paralysis;
* Reduction in facial puffiness/dark circles.

Treatment involves needling as well as Chinese “gua sha” massage techniques to gain maximum effect. A course of 10 treatments is required to get the full benefit although results can be seen after 3- 4 treatments. Once the course is completed results can last up to a year with only the occasional top up required.

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