"Sandry is professional, supportive and knowledgeable and has treated me succesfully with acupuncture for many issues in the past year. I would definitely recommend her, I've been delighted with the results of my treatment. Thanks for all your help." – L.D.


"I was new to acupuncture when I first went to Sandry but she quickly put me at ease and I found her very easy to talk to. Her treatments have helped ease symptoms of stress and anxiety and have significantly decreased my period pain. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone considering acupuncture." - M.O.


“Having previously had acupuncture treatment for fertility at a top London clinic, Ian's treatment has been a revelation. The extent to which he tailors the treatment to the individual and the level of care given is quite simply the best I have had - by a long way. I would highly recommend him for fertility treatment.” – A.H.


"Having tried a variety of therapies for my elevated blood pressure I was delighted when four treatments with Ian managed to stabilise my blood pressure and radically improve my energy and overall wellbeing. Ian carefully considered my case and over the four weeks managed to make inroads into my health with a result that I feel significantly better now." – N.L. 


"My lumbar disks had been damaged at S2-S4 region with improper lifting technique and Sandry helped me reduce dependence on painkillers, gain mobility again and get back to normal. It took around three months to stop taking painkillers altogether and the wonderful relief of each treatment started to last whole weeks. I have not had to go back to Sandry for over a year now and I really miss the absolute peace and tranquil atmosphere she manages to achieve to let acupuncture do its work.  Almost worth lifting a heavy weight for!" - N.C.

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